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Same Day Teeth

All on 4 diagram showing position of Implants

Same Day Teeth are in fact, exactly how they sound; You can leave the practise the same day with new teeth. It uses four dental implants to support a fixed bridge. 

Bone quality and volume

Every implant we place needs bone for it to be retained and successful for a useful period of time. Our diagnosis of the bone quality and volume in strategic positions of the mouth has been greatly enhanced by the use of computer aided x-rays (the CT scan, short for Computerised Tomography) which takes a series of slice images and converts them into 3D images on screen. These can be used to view and plan surgical options, removing much of the experience informed guesswork of the past. We can now approach every case with a high degree of confidence that the intended result is achievable, resulting in high success rates for treatment between 95-100%.

Bone grafting

Where bone isn’t available in sufficient volume we have the option to graft bone from elsewhere in the body, or to help the body grow its own new bone with grafting materials. How the body reacts to these techniques is variable, and if we are considering harvesting bone from elsewhere in the body, we have a separate operation site and the associated pros and cons that go along with that procedure to consider.

The development of new techniques, such as the All-on-4 and Zygomatic implant procedures, removes the need for grafting in cases where bone is less than ideal. We can now plan and deliver these cases with a high level of success thanks to access to CT scans and the technical support we have developed here in the UK.

Treatment cost

With every case there will be a range of options available, with the numbers of surgical procedures necessary, the numbers of implants used, or the choice of materials used for the temporary and final restorations all coming together to give a wide range of treatment costs.

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