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Immediate restorations

Much is made in both the press and other places about the possibility of ‘immediate teeth’ and ‘teeth in a day’. For patients who have a failing dentition and need multiple teeth extracted, or for patients who no longer have teeth present this is a possibility but is a very specific type of treatment that needs to be assessed on an individual patient basis.

Not everyone is suitable for immediate teeth but if you are, it can provide a cost-effective and seamless transition, avoiding the need for patients to wear dentures.

It is extremely important that people being assessed for this type of treatment are seen by appropriately qualified individuals with experience as the General Dental Council classifies this as a complex treatment.

In cases of possible immediate tooth replacement all options need to be discussed with an appropriately qualified member of our team to ensure that you are happy to proceed with the treatment that is best for you.

If this is a possible treatment for you, and you would like to know more about what might be possible, contact a member of our Team to arrange a free consultation appointment.