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Short Excerpt

Mrs J.G – Nov 17

As someone afraid of dentists resulting in having lost some teeth now decided a better option than a denture was needed. All options were explained but bone loss had taken place and the choice was now limited.

I was referred to Richard Brookshaw for possible Zygomatic implants and an initial consultation was arranged. He explained the full process and the stages that would take place, giving me assurances that when the procedure took place I would definitely leave with “teeth” which was a relief. Information was sent to me relating to all the stages of the process, which is a great help to refer to. His explanation and answering questions gave me the confidence and trust in him to take to the next stage.

Two further appointments were made one for impressions and decisions on what I wanted from the temporary implants. The second was for the actual procedure.

The procedure was done by Richard and his Team assisting, all went well and at the end of the day I had a top set of teeth to be proud of, an emotional feeling on seeing them even though temporary.

I was given all the information on aftercare and contact numbers for any problems 24hrs a day, which is very reassuring if problems arise.

I cannot believe how well I felt, some discomfort for a couple of days but no genuine pain. The fact you have a trust and feel confident with someone like Richard to carry out these procedures with a caring nature, which goes for Louise and the team you felt you weren’t just another patient.

My fears have been forgotten and realise that anything is possible if you can trust someone, I wish I had “ bit the bullet” sooner.

Mrs M.S – Oct 17

A couple of years ago I decided to explore the possibility of dental implants, but unfortunately, due to poor bone density coupled with a very bad experience with another dentist, I was left in the position of having to spend the next two years being referred to other dentists and specialists and treatment at the dental hospital to try and correct the problems. Sadly I then found myself in the one situation that I didn’t want to be in i.e. having a full top denture with little or no prospect of actually being able to have any implants at all.

Thankfully, I was eventually referred to Dr Brookshaw at RB implants. Naturally, due to my past experience, I was extremely nervous and anxious, but I needn’t have been. From the very first consultation, Dr Brookshaw made me feel relaxed with his calm and professional manner. Everything was explained to me in full detail about what could be done and how it would be done. This was followed with a very detailed report with lots of information on the type of implants that would work for me etc. It’s not easy to remember everything that is being discussed during a consultation and so I found this report very helpful. I was advised that the best solution for me would be Zygomatic implants and again, Dr Brookshaw explained everything to me in a very easy to understand way and then followed this up with a very detailed written explanation of the procedure and follow up treatment. I agreed to go ahead and had an appointment made for September.

On the day of the procedure, I felt totally relaxed and confident in the skills and expertise of Dr Brookshaw and his team. The procedure was carried out under anaesthesia so I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and was home the same day. I was even told I could eat a light meal that evening!

The aftercare given was exceptional with Dr Brookshaw’ s PA, Louise, ringing me at home on a Sunday to make sure that everything was ok and that I wasn’t in any discomfort. I cannot emphasise enough how caring and professional the whole team at RB Implants are.

I have over 30 years’ experience of working in the NHS in a professional capacity and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Brookshaw and his practice team to anyone who was considering having implants. Even if you have been told in the past you are unsuitable for implants (as I was) it is certainly worth having a consultation with Dr Brookshaw, to see if Zygomatic implants would work for you.

Mrs J.H – Oct 17

I had a dental implant, which after about 30-40 years had become loose and infected so had to be removed. I was a crisis point as my mouth was such a mess (no bone), I could not have another one and a normal denture would not stay in I was in despair. My dentist Dr David Lee suggested zygomatic implants and referred me to Dr Richard Brookshaw. After a long consultation it was agreed that I was a suitable candidate for surgery. Everything was explained to me in detail and a step by step treatment plan was drawn up, a date for surgery was decided and my dentist Dr Lee liaised with Dr Brookshaw throughout the treatment. When I arrived for surgery I was made very comfortable, and when I came round from the sedation it was all over. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and in no way was I at all incapacitated, life carried on as usual. The care I received both before and after surgery was truly wonderful. The final bridge is now in place and looks and feels great. I cannot think of anything negative to say. If anyone is feeling hesitant about a zygomatic implant I would say “Go for it” you will never regret it. My self confidence is boundless eating, speaking swimming etc. The team have a wonderful combination of friendliness and professionalism and of course the end results are just super. Many thanks for all your kindness.

Mr. A.J - August 2017

Before my treatment with Richard I always had problems withmy teeth; constant pain,  embarrassment, lack of confidence — even to thepoint where I would tend to avoid social situations. Eating was challenging,smiling was not an option for me and photographs were something I had to avoid.

After being advised to have a consultation with Richard he assured me that hecould help and explained everything in great detail but was always positiveabout the treatment.

Once the initial treatment was performed I was quite frankly amazed at thedifference in my quality of life – I was lucky enough not to experience anypain immediately after or since and my life is so much easier and better – nownothing is a problem — eating, smiling, social gatherings and even photographsaren’t  a problem anymore. I really do wish I had the treatment many yearsago.

Every part of the practice is en example of outstanding professional, moderncustomer service — from  booking an appointment, excellent communication leading up to, to how you are treated with dignity and respect when attending an appointment along with the follow up care is also exemplary.


Miss D K (Dorset) – April 2017

I was classed as a dental no-hoper, victim of, school NHS dentistdrill and fill syndrome, nasty veneers, ill-fitting crowns, gum disease, boneloss, Wimpole Street failed hip bone grafting and dental implants. Left mefeeling handicapped causing difficulty speaking and eating. Mission Impossiblecomes to mind. 

Before I met Mr. Brookshaw I carried out in depth research andopinions. I asked myself four main questions. How far will I travel? Will the procedure work? What is the maintenance involved? Who can I trust? 

I have a responsibility to myself to care for my oral health andgive myself the best chance possible. You know when enough is enough. I don’tlike ‘nice people’. I like tough, honest and hardworking people. If you arereading this testimonial, ask yourself the same questions. Meet Mr. Brookshawand then congratulate yourself you have made the best decision and you don’tneed to look any further not would you want to waste your own time. Mr. Brookshaw’s integrity, honesty and support from his team are unquestionably stellar. Caring people make a difference. Mr. Brookshaw is a credit to dental surgery. More importantly a gifted surgeon with a conscious. I no longer wear adenture and I am now classed as ‘healthy’. Mr. Brookshaw you gave me better quality of life, thank you and I salute you. 

Mrs S.G – Sept 16

After having all of my teeth extracted at the age of 16, I lived the following 47 years wearing dentures. Obviously over this amount of time I had numerous sets of dentures and the associated problems they brought. Earlier this year it was recommended to me to enquire about zygomatic implants, as after all these years implants into my jaw-bone were not possible because of insufficient bone.  I was absolutely delighted that Dr Richard Brookshaw was willing to carry out this specialized surgery and was so kind and understanding throughout. I want to say a massive thank you for ‘changing my life’ and giving me a better quality of life; something that I didn’t even know was possible. The fact that I received immediate teeth in the healing period of my treatment was fantastic. I felt I was able to approach the practice with any worries I may have had and Dr Richard Brookshaw and all of his Team were extremely helpful and always available should I have needed them. Thank you so much.

Mr R.T – July 2016

Richard and his team make you feel so comfortable it made having my dental implants such an easy procedure and its great having my smile back again. Thank you.

Mrs S.McC – May 2016

Earlier this year I decided to go ahead and make an appointment at Richard Brookshaw Dental Implants to discuss the possibility of implant treatment. From my first appointment I was made very welcome and put at ease, as I have never found it easy discussing my teeth. The initial consultation helped enormously. I was given literature to take home as well as the discussion we had, which left me very well informed regarding the procedure. I returned twice more to the surgery for impressions to be taken and discuss the shade and shape of the finished teeth. The big day finally arrived and Richard Brookshaw and his implant team welcomed me reassuringly.  I was extremely well looked after whilst the skilful and complex procedure was carried out.  I was surprised that even though there was some discomfort it was nowhere near as much as I had expected.  I am so pleased with the finished result. Smiling comes naturally to me now and I do not have to think about it like I had done in the past. I can recommend the procedure and Dr Richard Brookshaw one hundred per cent.  The lovely caring staff made me feel completely at ease and in the best place possible to have the procedure. This has been a life changing experience and totally improved my quality of life.